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30 minutes from the sea, Castagniccia, quiet region in the east of Corsica mountains, is characterized by high hills covered with endless chestnut forests, while on the ridges, small villages built in the local stone seem to watch them.

This region offers peace, greenery and fresh air. For rest and walks, shade and water are everywhere. Austere and spendid, Castagniccia will the dream place for many beautiful discoveries.

Construction can be spectacular, especially in religious art, howewer in harmony with the sober and modest utility stone constructions such as mills, furnaces and fountains which reflect significant activity agricultural and artisanal. In fact, Castagniccia was long the most populated area of the island, reaching the highest density of rural Europe in the 19th century.

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In this villages, you can admire some rare gems of Baroque architecture, and at the turn of many country trails which cross the entire territory, you will discover small chapels (11th and 12th century) that dot the countryside.

Birthplace of famous characters such as Pascal Paoli, Castagniccia boasts a strong identity.

In the 18th century, Castagniccia plays an important role during the war of independence. Three convents (one per pieve) which were the seat of "Consultes" testify.

Castagniccia is also local produce character.

Once basic food, chestnut flour is now a noble and natural product used in the preparation of many culinary specialties. Its traditional charcuterie and cheeses typed are popular in island and in many countries. Do not miss also to refresh yourself with mineral water Orezza known since antiquity, it will surprise you with its unique taste.

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